Communions & Confirmations

Communions & Confirmations

Preparing for a First Holy Communion or a Confirmation is an exciting time but with so many things to consider, the costs can add up quickly. It’s important to plan for the day and here are a few tips to help;

  1. Start Saving it’s never too late to begin saving and every little bit you put aside helps cover the costs of the day. It all adds up over time! St. Michael’s has been helping members save for over 54 years.
  2. Budget and know how much you can afford to spend. Make out a realistic budget and keep track of all your spending. Make a list of everything that you think you’ll have to buy from the outfit to the food. Make a decision on how much you’re going to spend and stick to that amount.
  3. Cutting the Costs 
  • Shop around when picking out their outfit for the day to get the best price.
  • Be creative! If you don’t have the money for all the extras think about what you can do yourself.
  • If you have decided to have a party at home, ask guests to bring along a dish to help share the cost and the work.
  • Do something a little different like asking your child what they might like to do with just the immediate family – maybe a trip to Fota.

I You Need To Borrow?

If you need help covering the costs of a Confirmation or Communion we are here for you! Avoid maxing out your credit card or using a moneylender that charges huge interest rates. Come talk to us today!

Here are examples of a loan with us;

Secured Loan; 

Loan Rate: 4.85% (5%APR)      

Amount: €600         Loan Lenght: 1 Year

       Weekly Repayments: €11.82      

 Total Repayment: €614.90

Personal Loan;

Loan Rate: 10.98% (11.60%APR)    

Amount: €500         Loan Lenght: 1 Year

       Weekly Repayments: €10.16      

 Total Repayment: €528.38

The Perfect Time To Start!

Now is the perfect time to teach your child about money and the importance of saving. A good starting point is to get your child to open a savings account with their communion money. We offer children’s’ savings accounts and visit local schools on a weekly basis as part of our School Savers Scheme. Encourage your child to put a little aside regularly by setting them a goal to save for. More information on saving with your credit union can be found here.

We wish everyone celebrating a First Holy Communion or Confirmation a great day!

Planning A Holiday?

Planning A Holiday?

Whether you’re looking for the ‘if not now, then when’Once in Lifetime Holiday Loan, or the ‘I can’t wait to see their excitement’ Family Holiday Loan, come and talk to your local credit union.

Here For You

Our philosophy has always been to look at things differently. We understand the difference a holiday loan can make to your life – creating memories and high points to look forward to, so we always look at your whole story to make sure you arrive at the perfect destination. We only propose holiday loans with realistic terms, which you can pay back in a way that works best for you.

We don’t charge administration fees or transaction charges and you can pay back your holiday loan early without penalty if that becomes an option. Remember, in your local credit union, you are not a customer, you are a valued member.

Examples of Loans


Secured Loan (4)
Holiday Of A Lifetime Loan


If you borrow at our Personal Loan Rate of €2,500 at 10.98% (11.60%APR), the weekly repayments are €50.81. You repay a total amount of €2,641.90. You can use our Loan Calculator to get a tailored loan estimate here; calculator.

If you are looking for some holiday tips we have a few here; Our Top Travel Tips.

Travel Insurance

You can also get your Travel Insurance is from It’s a new suite of insurance services brought to you by credit unions and AIG. offers great value to credit union members on home, car and travel insurances. 

So if you are thinking about heading off on a holiday, be sure to talk to us today.


Things To Do St. Patrick’s Weekend

Things To Do St. Patrick’s Weekend

1. The Parade (Free)

The St. Patrick’s day parade is a great event for people of all ages! This year’s parade kicks off at 1 pm and will run from the South Mall to the Grand Parade, along St. Patrick’s Street and finishes at Merchant’s Quay. There is local involvement from the Rockies  club and Blackrock Rowing Club in the parade.

The parade is celebrating the theme of Cork – A City of Community, Culture & Commerce, it is sure to be a carnival of colour, music,  pageantry and comic fun! Rachel Allen is the parade’s Grand Marshal and will lead it along the route.


2. Music (Free)

The Lee Sessions are holding a number of trad sessions across the city on St. Patrick’s Day. Starting early and continuing late into the night in various pubs in the city;

1pm                 The Oliver Plunkett (Oliver Plunkett St) 

2.30pm            The Long Valley (Winthrop St)

3.30pm            Sin É (Coburg St)

5pm                 The Oliver Plunkett (Oliver Plunkett St)

5pm                 Counihans (Pembroke St)

5.30pm            Sin É (Coburg St)

6pm                 Corner House (Coburg St)

6pm                 Charlie’s (Union Quay)

6pm                 The Rock Bar (Gillabbey St)

7.30pm            Sin É (Coburg St)

9.30pm            Sin É (Coburg St)

10pm               An Spailpín Fánach (South Main St)

10pm               The Gables (Douglas St)

Each of these trad sessions is free but they are sure to be very busy so arriving early is advised.

3. Pop Up Patrick’s Market (Saturday & Sunday)

The market will be open from 10 am – 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The market will be in Emmet Place over the weekend where you will find the country’s best street food, local Cork favourites such as O’Flynn’s, The Crepe Man, Sultan, Barracuda Barbeque, Wok Roll and Knockout Pizza. There will also be some tasty treats on offer too with Mini Donuts, Churros, Waffles, Clonakilty Ice Cream and Marco’s Freshly made Crisps. There will be a number of superb craft stalls to browse around at the market.

4. Children’s Activities

The Glucksman at UCC (Free); Have a children’s workshop creating artwork that responds to the classic storybook Peter Pan as part of the Big Picture Exhibition in March 2017.

Blackrock Castle Observatory; Planetarium Shows, Tours and Exhibition, Fri 17-Sun 19, 10 am -5 pm, (€4.50/€5.50/€6.50). Visit Blackrock Castle Observatory for Planetarium Shows, Castle Tower Tours and science exhibition Cosmos at the Castle!

It is sure to be a great day out whatever you choose to do! We wish all our members a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Top Tips to Encourage Children to Save

Top Tips to Encourage Children to Save

Since the establishment of the first credit union, we’ve been encouraging children to save. Here is a quick list of our tips to encourage children to save.

  • Consider rewarding children for regular saving (perhaps by topping up their savings).
  • Help children to identify a short-term goal to save towards.
  • Make saving interesting, develop a savings plan or calendar to show when and how the goal can be reached or help children to hang up a picture of what they’re saving for.
  • Let children learn that they have to save up to buy something they really want. Don’t let them get into the habit of running to you every time they need more money.
  • Explain how dividends and interest work. When they put their money in a savings account, these savings earn more money at the end of the year.
  • Encourage your child to join our school savings scheme. We currently operate the saving scheme in the local primary schools. With staff members visiting to collect the savings once a week. Providing an opportunity for children to learn how to save regularly. The focus is not the amount saved, rather it’s on developing a habit of regular saving.
  • Give the children a piggy bank to help them save or better still bring them down to St. Michaels to open a savings account!

We would like to here about any tips that you might have for encouraging children to save! There are more ways than ever to get in contact! Post your children’s savings tips on any of our social media pages:     Facebook     Twitter   Instagram

Or you can email them to us at

The next time you in the office and let the savings habit begin and open a children’s saving account!

Volunteer With St. Michaels

Volunteer With St. Michaels

St. Michael’s Credit Union is looking for volunteers to get involved in a number of areas. Volunteering is a great way for members to develop professionally and personally with a credit union that has been part of the community for over 50 years.

The credit union movement is built upon the efforts of thousands of volunteers across the country who give their time and skills to their credit unions in the spirit of cooperation. St. Michael’s Credit Union has a team of volunteers that enables us to function proactively and positively in the local community. It is important that these skills are passed on to new volunteers so that the credit union can continue to develop.

Many of the roles in our credit union are staffed by members, for members. These volunteers sit on the various Committees and our Board of Directors, so they are fundamental to our past, present and future. Volunteering is mutually beneficial to both the volunteer and credit union.

Benefits of Volunteering

People can develop both personally and professionally by volunteering with St. Michael’s Credit Union. The benefits volunteering include:

  • Gaining skills and experience in a senior role of a professional financial service provider
  • The opportunity to avail of education and training
  • Personal development
  • Meet new people from the community
  • Work on developmental and business projects
  • Give something back to the community

The credit union committees offer an excellent starting point for new volunteers. These committees provide experience, learning and an active role within the credit union. Once a volunteer has served the credit union at committee level for a period of time, and training needs have been identified and addressed, you can move into a director or supervisor position.

Reasons to Volunteer

There are a vast variety of reasons why people volunteer. We’ve listed a few below:

  • Learn new skills
  • Volunteering is something that members enjoy doing
  • Develop new interests
  • Increase employability
  • Use professional skills
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Sense of achievement
  • To make a difference in the community
  • They hold the organisation and its ethos in high esteem

How to Apply

The Irish credit union movement currently has 9,250 volunteers involved. There is a mixed age range of those who are volunteering with St. Michaels. To get involved please contact us and please quote “VOLUNTEER” through one of the following methods;

You can download our volunteering form here.





Or you can do it in person by calling into our office and staff will be more than happy to help.

Top Tips for Teaching Children about Money

Top Tips for Teaching Children about Money

In a child’s world money comes from Mum’s or Dad’s pocket. When their pockets run out, a machine magically spouts out money after they tap it a few times. Children need to be aware that money doesn’t just appear but has to be earned and that you can only spend what you earn.

Here Are Our Top Tips for Teaching Children about Money

  1. Pocket money is a great way to help children learn to make their own decisions and live with them. How much pocket money to give will depend on age, maturity, responsibilities and you family’s financial situation.
  2. Give pocket money in small denominations to encourage children to put some of it aside as savings.
  3. Consider linking pocket money to chores. Showing that money has to be earned, the same way Mum or Dad earn money by going to work.
  4. Give advice to children but let them make their own spending decisions and mistakes. Don’t scold them for the mistakes but instead help them to see the error of their ways and learn for the future.
  5. Encourage children not to buy on impulse but to think about other options which they can spend their money on.
  6. Children love stories from their parent’s experiences. Talk to them about when and how you started saving, whether it was wisely invested and how it grew, the mistakes you learned from.
  7. With young children, it can be a good idea to play simple counting games with notes and coins.


All Ireland Art Competition

All Ireland Art Competition

The Competition

A total of 30,000 entries were received for this year’s art competition from across Ireland. The winners of one of the country’s biggest art competitions, run by the Irish League of Credit Unions, were announced at Croke Park. A huge 30,000 entries were received from 300 credit unions for the All Ireland Credit Union Art Competition. Cash prizes were awarded to the winners by broadcasting legend Marty Whelan at the prizegiving ceremony.

The All Ireland Art Competition is now in its 33rd year and continues to be hugely popular with children and adults alike. This year’s theme ‘Dreams are made of this….’ was open to interpretation by each entrant. The theme aimed to give all entrants a wide-ranging scope to express their creativity and imagination.

St. Michael’s Credit Union Entrants

Unfortunately this year St. Michael’s didn’t have any winners at the national level but with 30,000 entries competition is fierce. Our finalists did win prizes locally and all the entrants helped to brighten up our office. With the theme of ‘Dreams are made of this….’ it brought fantastic vibrancy and colour to our banking hall. We are proud of the work that each of the young artists put into their entry and look forward to seeing all the entries next year!

The Art Competition Finalists


Thanks to all the parents and teachers that helped make the competition possible and such a success every year.

What the ILCU President Had To say

Speaking at today’s awards ceremony, ILCU President, Brian McCrory said: “This competition brings together people of all ages from every corner of Ireland and is a celebration of their diversity and creativity. The Irish League of Credit Unions will continue to support and nurture the artistic development of young and old in our local communities with this fantastic annual event, which is truly representative of the credit union movement’s spirit of community.”

 Mr McCrory continued “I am greatly impressed by the quality of the artwork on display at Croke Park today, and it has been very compelling to see how uniquely each of the artists interpreted the theme of Dreams. I would like to extend huge congratulations to each and every artist that participated.”

This Year’s National Judges

The judges for this year’s competition were: Una Sealy, RHA Gallery and RTE’s Painting the Nation, Ursula Retzlaff O’Connell, Artist, and John Walsh, Creative Director FOCUS Advertising.

Congratulations to all the national winners, there was a number of excellent artworks in each category. Having held the Schools Quiz recently we will be hoping that the teams can make it to the national level and represent St. Michael’s and their school.