With the opening of the Rockies Hurling Alleys this weekend we took a look at the man they’re named after, Jimmy Brohan. Jimmy was a founding member of St. Michael’s Credit Union. In the beginning, we only had a temporary office at the Confraternity Hall.

Jimmy was an extremely active member of St. Michaels and served on the Board of Directors and as a volunteer from 1969 onwards.  As you can see below in our Annual Report from 1974 Jimmy served as the Vice Chair. For many years Jimmy could be found on a Friday serving his fellow members at the counter as well as fulfilling his other duties. Today Jimmy is still coming into the credit union he helped to found and chatting with staff who always enjoy seeing him.

Our partnership with the Rockies Academy is another demonstration of local organisations working together to best serve our members. The naming of the hurling alleys after Jimmy is a fitting tribute to a club legend, a man of the community and one of the great Cork corner backs. We would like to thank the Rockies for the invitation to the Opening Ceremony this Saturday at 11.30 am. Our Chair Person; Declan Lynch will be saying a few words and presenting the cheque to the Rockies Academy. More details on the opening ceremony can be found here; Rockies.


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