The Leaving Cert is fast approaching and we’ve put together a few tips to help students reduce their stress levels!

Your Mental Health

It’s important to remember that exams aren’t everything and whatever happens you can still be successful in life! The Leaving Cert doesn’t define you as a person and once you have an exam done try to forget about it.

Don’t keep things bottled up. Talking to someone you trust and who will be supportive is a great way to alleviate stress and worry. Chat to people who’ve been through the Leaving Cert or your friends that are also doing the exams.

Most of all believe in yourself! If you prepare for the exams properly you should do fine, meaning that there is no need to worry excessively.Take Control

Take steps to overcome problems. If you find you don’t understand some of your course material, getting stressed out won’t help. Instead, take action to address the problem directly by seeing or talking to your teacher or getting help from your classmates or even look online for a solution.

Know your Leaving Cert timetable and make yourself aware of the sequence of exams and how they are scheduled. Make sure your family knows of these important dates. Put the timetable in an easy to view spot like the fridge.

The number of students that don’t prepare a personalised study plan is surprising! Websites and Apps are available to help create one, with GoConqr being a good example. GoConqr’s calendar tool will help you align your goals with your day-to-day study. With some initial effort, you can become more productive and motivated each day you approach your study. Don’t try to copy how others study, work out what is best for you.Prioritise your subjects and allocate time to revising each subject area.

Just pick one that suits you best!Take Control (1)

We bet you don’t even realise the number of times you check Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever else throughout your day? All this time adds up quickly and amounts to a significant amount of time. It can be hard to break away from your social life outside of studying but keeping the end goal and timeframe in mind will ease the process. It will be done before you know it!

There are productivity websites available to help you block out those online distractions! We recommend the SelfControl website blocker.Take Control (2)

Students feel as if they should spend their entire time before exams with their books open and their pen in hand. However, research has proven that exercising such as taking a walk can boost your memory and brain power. Regular exercise, around 30 minutes a day for students, is crucial for both body and mind, at it releases endorphins. During the Leaving Cert exams, use whatever stress reliever works best for you. To get a short break to help clear your mind.

During the Leaving Cert exams, use whatever stress reliever works best for you. It doesn’t have to be a sport, it could be music, playing a console, Netflix or anything else that helps you relax. To get a short break to help clear your mind.Take Control (3)

Sleep is a necessity! Avoid drinking stimulants like Monster and Red Bull in the evening. Aim for a minimum of seven hours sleep a night. You’ll wake up feeling more energised and less burned out and groggy than if you stayed up late. When energised in the morning you’ll be far more productive.

Our Bursary

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